Our coaches are selected because they are the very best at what they do. They live and breathe the standards that we set for clients and lead by example every day.

Our Coaches

Darko – Bio

I started my sporting career as a small, 6 year old kid with swimming and alpine skiing. I then devoted over 13 years to karate and volleyball. I made the transfer to strength and conditioning 10 years ago, where I have built my knowledge and completely educated myself to be able to help others through fitness. My education involves the following: Sports hight school; 4 years of Sports college; International licences for personal training, crossfit, posture correction, injury prevention, kettlebell training, nutrition and more - to me, learning is an endless journey. I have had many years of experience in personal and group training, and I see that joining the Benzone Performance team will be great opportunity to utilize all of my skills and knowledge, learn a lot more from some very high quality collegues, be a part of great and well educated team and help give amazing results. Come and try a free Cross-Hitt class with me on Mondays 5.30pm, Wednesdays 6.30pm and Fridays 9.30am.

Brad – Bio

Born and raised in the South West of England, from a young age, my life and passion has been completely devoted to sport and fitness. This all started when playing Premiership Academy Rugby through the youth age groups, to then joining the British military. I spent most of my 5 year Naval career travelling the world and playing rugby for the Royal Navy Senior XV and United Kingdom Armed Forces. The main highlights being playing for a crowd of 80,000 people at Twickenham stadium in a televised match for the Royal Navy vs the British Army, and representing the United Kingdom in the military World Cup in Tokyo, Japan. Alongside playing rugby I was also an Aircraft Engineer, specialising in fixing military grade Helicopters. During my sporting career, I have gained invaluable experience from top rugby and Strength & Conditioning coaches. This has given me the opportunity to develop my skills not only on the pitch but in the gym too, focusing on functional and sport related strength & fitness as well as CrossFit. I am now excited to share my experience with others, helping them to push their potential not only physically but mentally too. I can’t put into words how much challenging myself through exercise and health has done for me, and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of helping and introducing this experience to others too, no matter what stage you may be at within your fitness journey. If you happen to see me inside or outside of the gym and are looking for a guide in the right direction, some advice or even just a friendly face, please don’t hesitate to say hello and I will be more than happy to help!

James – Bio

Hi Im James, from north of London,Hertfordshire. In the past 6 years I’ve delivered over 7,000+ PT and SGPT sessions working with clients of all ages and backgrounds from beginner to elite 13-61. 3 years ago I completed my NASC with EPI to further my education. My interest and background has always revolved around S&C improving client and athlete performance has always been a huge interest to me trialing different methods of training and testing. 2 years ago I set up my own company and facility, CannonS&C. We specialised in periodised programming for weightlifting, Boxing and Rugby. I still trained non specific sporting clients which focused on the importance of movement, strength and energy system development! After a very successful year, I decided to set up a second company with my business partner and best mate. “HUB FItness” which would specialise in functional SGPT using both of our S&C backgrounds to support the general public. Our goal was to create an affordable service that we could offer to all ages and abilities, while creating a family community. 4 weeks after launch COVID -19 hit and shut us down. The support from our community that we created in such a short amount of time for me is a huge achievement and has continued to grow throughout the lockdown. When lockdown hit we created HUB on Demand a platform where we could train our clients live via zoom and be picked up at any moment of the day, making sure coaching was still at the highest standard. We set up a weekly chat show called “Community Live” on zoom, to check in with our clients, talk about the good the bad and ugly. I could see the strain lockdown was having on my clients as well my self so we decided to add challenges and support for their mental wellbeing such as, time outside challenges, discussion groups and different goals each week to keep a supportive community going for my clients. However an opportunity with the Benzone Performance team presented its self out here in Dubai, an opportunity that I would never get again. A time to reflect, learn and experience something great with a new team and environment! Test me, test yourself!

Jon Miller – Bio

World traveler and self-proclaimed 'bookworm', I have been involved in CrossFit for 9 years. As a former U.S Soldier and veteran, keeping an active lifestyle has been part of my life since I was a small child running through the fields of Oklahoma with my two brothers, wreaking havoc wherever we went. Football, baseball, and wrestling took up my time in high school, the oil field and training consumed my young adult years, but it was my 9 years in the U.S. Army National Guard that taught me the true value of fitness…longevity and survivability.

I love coaching others and seeing the progress each person makes every time they step on the floor. My biggest enjoyment is helping people understand the basics and building a solid foundation, that without it we’re just asking for everything else to crumble.

BenZone stands for more than just your workouts. It’s a way of life and their values stand true whether you’re at home with family or at the gym. I am excited to be part of a mission that helps people improve their physical and mental strength through training, lifestyle guidance, and nutrition.

Igor – Bio

Growing up as an active kid who loves sport my first love was football. Having an active lifestyle from the earliest age led me to discover my true passion – fitness.

I’ve been training my whole life, and an ex professional football player, I love always improving myself and expanding my knowledge.

More than ten years experience as a Personal Trainer has given me a chance to work with wonderful people helping them to achieve variety of goals from weight loss to fixing posture problems and rehabilitation.

CrossFit became a passion 3 years ago and this experience led me to became a part of Benzone Performance team.

I see this as a major step up in my career, and am looking forward to learning from the team as well as share my knowledge with the team.

Meet Faten

Faten will be running benzone from Mirdiff Ladies gymnation_uae and will be offering crosshiit classes, along with Personal and Semi-Private training.

Being a huge sports fan, I have been a gymnast since 7 years old, competing and coaching to national standard.

I have a bachelor's degree from the University of sport and education and specialize in functional fitness and nutrition.

Fluent in English, Arabic and French, I have 3 years of experience coaching crossfit. I’m qualified to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. I am super excited to be a part of BENZONE, and can't wait to help and teach people and help them reach their goals.

Adam Mallak - @gymfitusadubai

Born in Kuwait, brought up in Ohio USA, Adam is a former contractor for the US Military. Adam speaks fluent Arabic and opened his own gym in Iraq in 2003 and has been doing Personal and Semi Private training since then. We are delighted to have him with us and he is super excited about changing lives in @gymnation_uae Mirdiff with @benzone_performance

'My dedication to strength training and fitness grew from two important  factors in my life.

  1. I grew up loving sports. Anything that kept me active and moving was something I wanted to do.  Some of my earliest and best memories are of playing soccer, table tennis, and volleyball as a kid.
  2. Health struggles and childhood sickness left my body weak and skinny for many years.

In my late teens I realized that I had the power to change my body of I was willing to put in the work.  Years of watching my childhood idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ignited a passion for weight lifting and my journey began to my new stronger lifestyle.

I fell in love with it immediately, even if I was just a skinny kid who could barely lift the bar, and as my strength and heath increased, so did my dedication.  I remember watching my body change and setting goals to get the results I wanted.  It seems like yesterday, but here I am, 20+ years later and more passionate than ever.

There are no limitations to my passion for fitness and my greatest joys come from seeing my clients health, fitness, and happiness grow as we set (and smash) small attainable goals along the way!

I love traveling and having new experiences, but moving from Ohio to Dubai and joining the Benzone team is one of the best decisions I could have made! I am so excited to have the chance to be a part of the journey at Gymnation and help people achieve their dreams.

Meet Ramy - @rgamaleldin

An international swimmer and ex football player in the junior league for al Ahly club in Egypt, where I also got my bachelor degree in Computer Science and started working as a software consultant. My dad who was also an athlete and a General in the Egyptian army encouraged me and planted the seeds of my passion for fitness. After I stopped playing football 15 years ago, I started weightlifting and I have learned and developed my skills about nutrition, training, and recovery along the way. Coaching and fitness are my passion and that’s why I want to help others live a healthier life and achieve their goals. I am excited to be part of the BenZone Performance team. A group of professionals who share the same mindset and goals.